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Cyngor Eco / Eco Council

Diolch i'r Cyfnod Sylfaen am adeiladu Gwesty Trychfilod/Thanks to Foundation Stage for building the Bug Hotel

Diolch i'r Cyfnod Sylfaen am adeiladu Gwesty Trychfilod/Thanks to Foundation Stage for building the Bug Hotel 1

Yr Ardd

Mae'r ardd a'r polytunnel yn datblygu'n dda. Mae'r disgyblion yn cofio dyfrio yn rheolaidd.


The Garden

The garden and the polytunnel are looking well. The pupils remember to water everything regularly.

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Ein Cyngor Eco / Our Eco Council


Cyngor Eco 2016-2017

Cyngor Eco 2016-2017 1

Llongyfarchiadau ar ennill y faner werdd am yr ail dro yn mis Gorffennaf 2016!

Congratulations on being awarded the Eco School flag for the second time in July 2016!



Y Cyngor Eco 

Ein nôd yn ystod 2016-2017 yw parhau gyda'r gwaith gwych a'r safonau sydd wedi eu sefydlu yn barod. Bydd hyn yn sicrhau parhad gyda'n statws o ennill y Faner Werdd am yr ail dro.


Mae'r disgyblion wedi eu hethol i fod yn aelodau o'r Cyngor Eco.

Bydd y Cyngor Eco yn cynorthwyo'r ysgol i edrych ar ôl yr amgylchedd drwy:


Arbed Ynni

Lleihau Sbwriel


Arbed Dŵr


Tir yr Ysgol

Dinasyddiaeth Fyd Eang


Rydym yn cyfarfod o leiaf unwaith y tymor i godi ymwybyddiaeth o'r angen i ofalu am ein hamgylchedd. Rydym yn trefnu nifer o ddigwyddiadau a gweithgareddau yn ogystal â chynnal gwasanaethau ysgol gyfan er mwyn rhannu ein syniadau.


The Eco Council

Our goal during 2016-2017 is to continue with our great work and high standards. 

    This will secure Our Green Flag status that we've won now for the second time.


The pupils have been elected as members of the Eco Council

The Eco Council assists the school to look after the environment by:


Saving energy

Reducing Waste


Saving Water


School Grounds

Global Citizenship


We meet at least once a term in order to raise awareness of the need to care for our environment. We organise various events and activities and hold school services to share our ideas.



Ein Côd Eco / Our Eco Code


Cynlluniwyd gan Cai Hughes BL 6 / Designed by Cai Hughes Y6

     Cynlluniwyd gan Cai Hughes BL 6 / Designed by Cai Hughes Y6 1

Ein bwriadau am y flwyddyn / Our intentions for the year

2015 - 2016

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Hoffai'r Cyngor Eco a Mrs Evans ddiolch yn fawr iawn i bawb gyfrannodd tuag at y casgliad Bag2school diwethaf - Codwyd £45.00.


The Eco Council and Mrs Evans would like to thank everyone that contributed to the last Bag2school collection - £45.00 was raised.

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Ein casgliad Bag2school nesaf - Dydd Mercher, Mai 18fed 2016

Our next Bag2school collection - Wednesday, May 18th 2016


Erthygl - Daily Post / Daily Post - Article

Being a rural school surrounded by farms, Ysgol Betws yn Rhos decided that they too should make the most of the fruitful land and grow their own vegetables.

The only problem being, they needed a facility that they could learn how to grow the vegetables during any weather.


Mrs Evans and the Eco Committee for the school decided that a Polytunnel situated on the school grounds would ensure an ideal environment in which to grow their vegetables and teach the children about horticulture. The problem being that polytunnels do not come cheap.

After investigating possible grants for the project, Mrs Evans and her team got in touch with  'Tesco's Bags, Keep Wales Tidy'.  They applied for a grant through creating a full business plan highlighting the benefits for the children and local community and received £500.

This money was used to buy the very much needed polytunnel. 


With winter closing upon us and the nights getting shorter by the day, the Eco Community have decided to spend the next few months planning their polytunnel in order to get the biggest yield and discussing how the children can make it a sustainable project financially.

When spring arrives, Ysgol Betws yn Rhos, with help from parents and the local community will erect the polytunnel and start planting.

The hope is that children from the school, alongside parents and volunteers from the community will grow a reasonable amount of vegetables so that they can sell in order to finance seeds and equipment ready for the next yield.

As well as learning how to run a financial sustainable project within the school, children will experience and learn first hand the importance of eating healthy and growing your own food.


Below is Mrs Evans and the Eco Committee receiving the cheque for £500.

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